The reduction of poor credit on a large scale in a specific neighborhood or community results in economic revival. This is achieved at the local level, powered by the community members themselves. Raise The Credit is the conduit to make an economic revival a reality for communities across the U.S.


Our Mobile Credit Education Center helps to build strong relationships that include local volunteer organizations and business owners. These relationships ensure that the changes made in the communities are sustainable and empowerment is effective, helping the most vulnerable individuals in each community.


Our complete focus is on helping communities rise by opening windows of opportunity, fairness, and equality. Poor credit limits these areas because it places an individual at a disadvantage. Credit is used in most areas that involve opportunity. Just the simple act of applying for a good job may be limited because of the need for good credit. When poor credit or no credit impacts a community, it limits the community’s opportunity to improve.

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If you share the common vision of economic recovery through personal credit enhancement and education, let’s come together and provide opportunities for individuals to pursue financial freedom, happiness and wealth.

“Raise The Credit. Raise The Community.”

About Us

Our methods and techniques harness the power of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and makes its application practical and easy to use by Members. This is accomplished through cutting-edge software and hands-on assistance by our expert credit engineers.


RaiseTheCredit.com has been at the forefront of innovation providing economic recovery to thousands of people from all walks of life. Our approach is comprehensive yet simple to initiate; bringing participants to empowering credit score levels of (700+).

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